need a 10 page paper done on public administration

Find a topic of interest.

Select a public administration topic that interests you. Avoid issues that are solely political or that are primarily the concern of the private sector.

Apply to public administration.

Find 3-5 academic sources related to this topic (academic sources are peer-reviewed journal articles). These sources should be directly related to a public administration

concept or theory. The textbook cannot be substituted as a source in place of a journal article

For the completed paper use the articles and your knowledge of the current events to write up a written report 10 pages in length with the following sections:

  • Introduction (no more than 30% of paper length)
  • Describe the findings from the academic literature and relate those findings back to the thesis statement.
  • Brief description of the issue
  • Explain why the issue is important from a public administration perspective. This does not mean you should say “This is important to public administration because…” Instead, you should simply describe why the issue is important. Use an example from current events or your own experience to help illustrate this point
  • Thesis statement —how are you relating the case to journal articles? For example, you might say something like this…

“While any organization, public or private, is at risk of hiring employees who are unethical, when public administrators defraud their employers, they are stealing from the public whose interests they are supposed to protect. For example, recently a case came to light in “City Z” where an employee was able to steal over $500,000 (citation). Research in the public administration literature provides some insight into the efforts governments are making to prevent internal organizational fraud.”

  • What lessons from the academic literature can be applied to the issue you are investigating?

3. Conclusion

a. Sum up your main points

4. References page

  • Using APA or Chicago style, write a list of references used
  • Textbooks do not count as legitimate sources
  • You need 5 peer-reviewed public administration journal articles
  • You may also use books to supplement your sources, but they cannot be substituted for the five journal articles minimum

Assignment Format:

All assignments should be typed in 12-point Times New Roman font.