need 4 body paragraph essay for art

Choose your favorite work of art from any period of Art History found in your textbook.

Embed the image of your chosen artwork. 5 points will be taken off for the missing image!

Write a 4-body-paragraph essay:

  • Intro
  • Paragraph 1: Visual Analysis
    • What is depicted?
    • What is the medium?
    • Discuss the work’s visual language: composition, perspective, form, shape, line, color, lighting, texture.
  • Paragraph 2: Contextual Analysis
    • Who has commissioned this work?
    • Who is the intended audience?
    • How did historical/cultural/religious background affect this work?
    • What kind of message does this work project?
    • Who would benefit from its creation and its message?
  • Paragraph 3: Your own educated perception/opinion of the chosen work of art – what you have learned to appreciate in a work of art after taking this course.
  • Paragraph 4: How has your awareness of the role of art in your own life changed since taking this course?
  • Conclusion