need 1 response for each paper 2 responses in total 200 words for each

Need 1 response for each paper (2 responses in total, 200 words for each)

those are sample responses


I agree with you that the whole family should go. The ex-pat needs that support system with them in order to be successful. Though, eighty percent of assignment failures are due to the expat’s dependents’ inability to acclimate into the new location (Vlachos, 2017). It is important for the employee to be the support system for their family as well. They should make time to help their families adjust to their new lifestyle. They may already be familiar with their company’s working environment or even know a few people there from previous interactions. They should also look into family support groups from other ex-pat families or even families of coworkers. This would allow the children to come in to contact with other children to help them adjust. The company’s spousal support could also help in Lisa’s research for a new career/research.

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Excellent case analysis, Team 4! I agree that being an expatriate can be amazing as well as difficult. Being an expatriate can be amazing because you will get a chance to travel the world while working. It can be difficult because you may have a limited amount of annual leave which may force you to stay in the country versus going to visit family and friends in the United States. It can truly be different because you are far away from family and friends. Making new friends that you can trust cannot be done overnight. I could imagine that you will become home sick and would want to move back to the United States as fast as possible to be around those you love.


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