Narcissitic Personality Disorder –

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Write a critical review paper and do the following:
B. Review the “disorder’s” creation, history, and development.
• When was it created?
• Did it have a life before the first DSM? Was it known by other names? If yes, discuss.
• Did its fundamental DSM criteria change over time?
• Describe the changes if they occurred and explain the rationales offered for such changes?
C. Review the scientific studies that claim to establish or criticize the reliability and validity of the mental disorder (the two scientific characteristics necessary to claim the reality or
existence of hypothesized categories). If no such studies exist please so note but it is only rarely that a disorder does not have research evaluating its reliability and validity. IMPORTANTLY I am
ONLY interested in research studies looking at whether the DSM 5 mental disorder you are reviewing is itself reliable and valid and not whether diagnostic measures or instruments used in trying to
diagnose it are.
• Discuss whether or not the articles establish the mental disorders reliability or validity claims.
• Explain how you determined this. Give, where available, the reliability coefficients found in the articles you reviewed. If you’ve found no such studies (assuming that you did a thorough review
of the literature) speculate how and why they came to be in the DSM nosology.