module 2 chapter 4 discussion 4 topic group 1

Chapter 4: Make sure you watch the video “Zimbaro’s Stanford Prison Experiment” *if googled the video comes right up* embedded in the powerpoint presentation. For your discussion for this chapter, talk about that film with your group members. Did the behavior of the participants surprise you (both the guards and the prisoners)? Did the behavior of the experimenters surprise you? If you had been a prisoner or guard in this study, do you think you would have behaved differently? As you frame your response, describe the difference between attitudes leading to behaviors versus behaviors leading to attitudes, and tie it in with your ideas about the Stanford Prison Experiment. In your follow-up comment, critique another group member’s response, paying close attention to the “attitudes leading to behaviors versus behaviors leading to attitudes” arguments. Did they make a convincing argument that attitudes lead to behavior (or behavior leads to attitudes)? As an optional (but interesting) discussion, feel free to talk about how attitudes are driving our current political climate in the United States.