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I need the questions in bold answered individually.

  1. FINAL EXAM INSTRUCTIONS: There are only two essay questions (each with sub-parts) on this comprehensive final exam, which is open book, open note, four hour timed exam, no written page limit. This is a true graduate level exam to finish this graduate course. All answers must be uploaded in a Word document. All answers should be entirely original and individual, no team work nor outside help of any kind is permitted other than a calculator and an internet connection (and honestly an internet search will not be terribly helpful for this particular exam; in fact it’s possible you could squander precious time (4 hour time limit) doing Google research for which you will find no answers. (I change the questions for every exam.) Besides, you all should know more about strategy and strategic thinking at this point than any of those quickie-MBA sites, seriously, so don’t even think about it!
  2. Important:Answer specifically the questions asked. Providing a ‘good answer’ to a different question (one not asked), suggest you did not understand the question, and therefore does not earn a passing grade. It’s important to read the multiple parts of each question carefully, and only then answer. Do not conflate different parts of your answer together (i.e., do not mix Relative Strength with Stakes, as should be clear by now.) Read the following article and apply the ADR framework to the following questions:
  1. Spot the ‘battles’. Identify and describe the two possible ‘battle choices’ being discussed in the Juan Valdez article. Hint: Stick to the definition of “battle” used in the ADR framework and you should see two clear options.

2. Discuss the valence of the two battles using the facts from the article.

3. Did Juan Valdez attack, defend, or retreat relative to the main battle under consideration? Explain your answer.

4. Use the facts from the article as applied to the ADR framework and Vroom’s logic to provide a comprehensive explanation of Juan Valdez strategic decision. The goal is to show you understand how to apply strategic thinking to a competitive situation to make good resource allocation decisions.

Answer all four parts, 50 points total.

The goal here is to demonstrate comprehensively what you’ve learned about strategy and strategic thinking from the entire course:

    • the traditional strategic management theory and concepts as found in the etext,
    • the ADR framework as provided in lecture,
    • as applied to the specific resource commitment (‘attack’) you identified above.Your objective with this comprehensive question is to demonstrate understanding of the course concepts covered in this course and see if you can apply them to explain actual competitive moves. Good luck.

Go to Choose any round of results from our Capstone simulation from this class (except Round 0); review to the Capstone Courier and team Annual Report at and answer the following:

  1. Identify one significant “attack” your team made at any time during the simulation. Identify the specific battle (i.e. product-market segment) and Round # 7.

2. Explain why you believe this was an ‘attack’.

3. Explain your company’s Relative Strength in the market segment at the time of the attack.

4. Explain any notable external factors affecting Market Stakes at the time of the attack.

5. From your chosen example, explain the actual results. Did the attack succeed? Why