mm570 applied statistics for psychology 1

  1. Find an Article: Using the PG Library that can be accessed from your home page, find a peer-reviewed journal article that employs at least one of the hypothesis tests covered in this course as part of the data analysis for the study. To find your article include words such as “t-test”, “ANOVA”, “correlation”, “regression”, or “chi square test of independence” in your search. Paste a link to your article for part A of this Discussion and write out the full and appropriate APA reference to the article.
  2. Statement of Purpose: Read the article. Write a paragraph describing the research question proposed in the article and the goal of the study.
  3. Describe the Analysis: How were the participants selected? What was the population of interest? Was the study an experiment or observational study? What variables were examined and/or compared? Determine the type of hypothesis test employed in the analysis. Do you think the type of test was appropriate? What was the reported value of the test statistic(s) and p-value(s)? Were they significant?
  4. Review Results: Write a paragraph describing the conclusions given. Include a critique of the article research results and whether you agree with the conclusion the authors have offered with respect to the analysis. Were there any limitations to the study? Do you feel these results add value to the existing body of research, and are there implications for further research?

Remember that your goal for Discussion is to ensure:

  • Responses are on topic, original, and contribute to the quality of the Discussion.
  • Responses make frequent, informed references to unit material.
  • Responses are clearly written.
  • Due by 12/16/19