mini case study 15

Review the Mini-Case Study entitled “Production”

    When making decisions, your team must be alert to the potential challenges associated with production capacity. Many businesses fail to recognize the organizational constraints that may limit growth and create a business risk.

    Review the Mini-Case Study entitled “Production.” Consider the following questions to ensure you have the necessary production capacity to meet your team goals:

    • How can you optimize the limited resources your company has available in order to meet demand?
    • Should you hire more employees?
    • Should you utilize forced overtime?
    • Is there increased investment in automation?
    • Should you bring in additional production equipment?
    • What is your strategy to ensure adequate capacity, and what are the possible financial consequences for the company?
    • Your paper should meet the following requirements:
    • Be 5-6 pages in length, excluding the title and references pages.
    • Should be written in APA format.