MGT 3345/About the Ideation Analysis –

MGT 3345/About the Ideation Analysis
This semester we have the opportunity to see a performance of the play Ideation.
Ideation is new play that debuted in 2014 at the San Francisco Playhouse. The play and cast won several awards for the production.  For a preview, click here:
Plot Summary:  “The story takes place in a corporate board room as a team of consultants are tasked with solving a mysterious client problem.  The problem, we soon learn, is how to carry out a large-scale disposal of human bodies.  This revelation sets off a chain of interpersonal events that plunge the characters into fear, suspicion and doubt.”
For our purposes, the play offers an engaging teaching tool for issues related to globalization, and stages a satirical demo of professional problem solving.  After seeing the play (at Old Town Actors studio or possibly in class sometime during 23-28 Sept, details t.b.a.) you’ll write up an analysis of
•    how the play stages a professional problem solving process
•    and contributes to our understanding of the effects of globalization in professional life / practice.
2-3pp single-spaced max.
Tailor Wolcott’s “Steps for Better Thinking” model to structure your analysis.  By “tailor” I mean to suggest you consider how your content purposes might be reflected in your document design.  If you care to ‘work ahead’ of the class, you could choose to use Couger’s problem solving model as your guide instead.
You might also try to combine a more ‘creative’ format / structure with one of our problem solving models ?
But whatever you choose as a guide to structuring your analysis, remember it will be an analysis instead of a summary, though you might this time include some evaluative commentary along the way.
Where, how and when to see the play:
All performances at Old Actors Studio (Pocatello), 427 N. Main (corner of Main & Wyath)
All performances start at 7:30; etiquette suggests you be in your seat by 7:15
The venue seats up to 40 people; cost is $12.00 unless attending one of two free shows below:
Weds 23 Sept:  final dress rehearsal open to MGT 3345 students ?  We’ll have regular class for an hour from 6-7:00, then scoot over to see the show.
Th 24 Sept:  “friends and family” performance – free to ISU students
Ideation will also show: 25 & 26 Sept; 28 Sept; 1-3 Oct.