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1. Memo (10%)
• To understand the difference between internal and external communication
• To effectively communicate with superiors in an organizational setting
• To effectively use headings in professional writing
You work in an organization where the misbehaviour of other employees is threatening (or potentially threatening) the well-being of the organization. You approach your superior to 1) tell her the exact nature of the problem and 2) make some recommendations about how she can bring the employees back into line.
When you search for an organization with misbehaving employees, please restrict your search to the last 24 months. If you feel strongly about an older topic, please approach instructor.
Memo should address the following central questions:
1. What is the problem with the misbehaving employees and why is this problem urgent?
2. What recommendations are you going to make to your superior to ensure that problem is properly handled?
3. What are the immediate next steps to solving the problem?
Memo Assignment Deliverables:
a. Memo
Memo should be 400-600 words (not including headings) and employ standalone headings. Memo should follow problem-solution structure introduced in class. Memo assignment is uploaded to URCourses. Memo should be:
• Composed in Microsoft Word;
• Uploaded to URCourses;
• Checked for spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors.
b. References
References should be listed on a separate page. Remember, good references include diverse materials such as government documents, industry reports, academic articles, case studies, law cases, reputable web sites, and authoritative news content. The references are required to help you start your research for your business report (below).