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i gave you the whole word document if you require more information. the paper should be related to the presentation which is the powerpoint i have attached.

Response Papers

Each student will be required to submit one response paper towards the end of the semester. A list of due dates for the papers will be posted on Blackboard. If you have a conflict with your assigned date, contact me at least one week in advance to make alternate arrangements.

The topic of the paper should be related to materials science but does not have to be a topic we have/will cover. Feel free to consult with me if you have questions about the appropriateness of your proposed topic (paper selection day Aug 30 and topic should be submitted by Sep 6 – 10 bonus points will be awarded on the completion of this deliverable). To prepare your response paper, choose a materials-related topic and locate at least two peer-reviewed reference (journal article, technical report, reference book, etc.) that is related to the topic. The reference cannot be our textbook or one of the reference texts listed on the first page of the syllabus (but these can be used to supplement the information).

The paper should be 3 pages in length (1” margin, single-spaced, 12-point font) and should be in your own words of the reference article. In addition to summary which will include Figures and/or Tables as supporting information, the paper should have 4 well marked sections:

ABET Rubric 4

4PI.1 Describe why the topic is of contemporary interest and what prompted you to select this topic from ethical and professional perspective? If you have any questions that were raised by the reference (or related textbook readings) include those in this section, as well.

4PI.2 What is the environmental effect of the selected topic? Give your critique regarding the environmental aspect of the technology.

4PI.3 What is the economic effects of the proposed topic in the paper? For example, it is a new promising technology with job generation potential from entrepreneurship aspect, or is it a established industry etc etc.

4PI.4 Why does this topic matter to Industry? What is the global impact of this industry…

Complete citations for any resources you use to write the paper must be included at the end. Citations should follow the appropriate American Psychological Association (APA) format. Note that the source of an item such as a journal article is the journal in which the piece was published, not the database from which the article was retrieved.

Submit the first page of the main outside references along with your response paper.

Your response paper must be based on a peer-reviewed outside reference. Ask me if you are unsure if a given reference qualifies. Good sources of peer-reviewed references are the, SCOPUS and Engineering Village databases, available through the Chester Fritz Library website, Examples of sources generally not considered peer-reviewed include (but are not limited to) websites, newspaper articles, popular magazine articles and marketing materials. Papers based on non-peer-reviewed sources may be returned without a grade. Note that Engineering Village is sometimes temperamental with regards to off-campus access.

Your response papers will be graded on grammar, spelling, formatting, technical content, and ABET requirement (see attached grading rubric). No late response papers will be accepted.