marketing management assignment 6

Assignment Tasks


Approx. Length of write-up

1. Marketing emphasizes consumer’s orientation as well satisfaction in order to maximize profit. However, marketing concept is taken in terms of selling and advertisement. Distinguish marketing with selling and advertisement.


500-600 words

2. Suppose you are the Marketing Manager of a banking firm. Your bank has planned to open new branches in Oman.

• What factor do you think will act the choice of marketing the most and why?

• Suggest some growth strategies after conducting an opportunity analysis

Analysis=5 Strategies=5


400-500 words

3. Describe some of the strategies for the effective marketing and advertising in rural market. Also, explain the innovative use of media in rural market.


400-500 words

4. Segmentation and positioning

• Discuss the pricing strategies of the product.

• Propose a segmentation and position strategies for new product” Silver Credit Card” for local market in Oman

total words count 2000 .

Each question is an individual essay has an introduction, body and conclusion . Each Essay must be organized into introduction, main body (elaborating the main idea with an appropriate insight from the literature) and conclusion.

I will attach the assignment.