make a detailed outline of your paper with thesis statement and incorporating bibliography alexanders the great religiosity and if he believed he was a god i also want to touch base on how alexander had an impact on world religions such as christianity

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Alexander and Jesus | Sons of God | Hellenism (Links to an external site.)Alexander and Jesus | Sons of God | Hellenism


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  • I believe this book could be extremely helpful for my project because this book can explain weather or not Alexander saw himself as a God or if he was the influence of the religions that came after him. I would be interesting to read if this book can, make or contradict my idea of Alexander having some sort of relation to other world religions through evidence.

Wasson, Donald L. “Alexander the Great as a God.” Ancient History Encyclopedia, Ancient History Encyclopedia, 28 July 2016. (Links to an external site.)

This argumentative article seemed to catch my eye. Even though the topic I have chosen seems to be quite controversial, this article pretty much argues/expresses how Alexander’s came from “royal blood, which creates the connection of Alexander being a “God.” This in depth article can help me build my connection towards Alexanders religiosity and how he actually viewed himself.