logistics operations warehouse layout

My assignment is about designing a warehouse based on some calculations you have to do in Excel. It requires a textbook which named “World-Class Warehousing and Material Handling. Edward H. Frazelle. 2016″ but I uploaded the important pages that you will need to solve the assignment.

Complete the following activities.Write up your answers in Word.Please show your work (you may copy and paste from Excel). Graphics for parts 2, 3, and 4 should be copied and pasted into the Word document.Also, please make sure that your assignment is thoroughly proof-read before turning it in.

1.Use the Frazelle text (steps 1-6 on pages 295-297) to calculate the pallet floor space requirements for a warehouse given the data provided in the Excel worksheet.Before you turn in the assignment ask yourself: “Given the data does this answer make sense?”

2. Calculate the item popularity profile (page 56) (use the 80-20 rule for determining A, B, and C items) given the data provided in the Excel worksheet, and the method discussed in the text.Identify which items should be candidates for a highly productive picking mode, which should be candidates for a moderately productive picking mode, and which should be candidates for a manual picking mode.

3. Using the data provided in the Excel worksheet, construct a warehouse performance gap analysis figure like the one on page 102 of the text (you may use the drawing tool in Excel or take a picture of a hand drawn figure).Which three metrics would you concentrate improvement efforts on based on the data (don’t forget to show how you came up with the answer)?

4. Design a multi-use warehouse in which cross-docking, case picking, and broken case picking operations occur.It may be of either a typical U-shaped or modular design.Identify each area, and designate where the inbound and outbound truck docks are located.

* The attachments include the assignment the questions and Excel worksheet (in Warehouse3) and the require pages of the textbook (in Warehouse2&3).

* I attached all files in Zip. files