local lion coffee shop marketing strategy case writing

The written evaluation is to provide a recommendation to Local Lion Coffee Shops about the key decisions they should make for brand strategy and brand tactics including: • Understand differentiation and brand positioning to create value for stakeholders • Understand brand equity and the impact on customer loyalty. • Understand the competition and positioning decisions. Case Writing Guidelines • Page Length: Written submissions should not exceed 5 pages (exhibits aren’t included in page count). Writing format should be minimums of 12 pt. type with 1” margins and 1.5 spacing. • Sources/Citations: No preference on citation format. If referencing class materials use name of article and page number. See Emerson Library Guide for citation recommendations • No external research is required for case write-ups. However, you may use 3rd party data from the timeframe of the case to support your analysis. • Students should keep their analysis to the timeframe the case is taking place. • Class concepts and elements of the marketing plan should be used to support and strengthen your analysis as exhibits.