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Eleaming is an approach to learning and development which has grown in popularity over recent years. It is often seen as cost effective and flexible, but there are also some difficulties associated
with its use. Choose an organisation. This can be an organisation where you work, or an organisation that interests you. Then, answer the following questions. In answering the questions, you must
refer to relevant research and theories: 1. Evaluate the extent to which the use of eleaming fits with the business strategy and the learning and development of strategy of your chosen
2. Choose one other learning and development intervention in your chosen organisation. Compare and contrast eleaming with this intervention and use this comparison to make recommendations for
improved learning and development activities.
3. Critically evaluate the extent to which eleaming could help you to achieve your personal learning goals.
4. Evaluate the potential ethical issues that could arise if eleaming is used in your organisation. Explain the way that you would ensure that eleaming was managed professionally within the