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Topic: Leading Innovation and Entrepreneurship
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Assessment 3: Individual Business Plan:
This is an individual assignment where you will create a 3000 word business plan designed to gain new investment/obtain funding.
Business Plan:
You will develop a business plan. This plan is based on a new business venture that requires start-up funding. If you already own your own business, are in the process of setting up a business or have a concrete business idea please discuss this with your tutor to adapt the assessment to suit the development of the business plan as a useful document.
The business plan will be designed to:-
• Introduce the business (e.g. product or service overview, legal structure etc.)
• Demonstrate full understanding of the product/service with organisational goals (strategy)
• Evidencing business viability through relevant models (e.g. SWOT / PESTEL / Marketing Mix)
• Demonstrate market research to identify potential competitors, customers
• Demonstrate an understanding of how to display appropriate financial reports (e.g. profit and loss, cash flow etc.) in preparation to request funding (e.g. bank loans, venture capitalists)
The Business Plan should look professional and be appealing by using a variety of visual displays for advanced aesthetics and easy reading. Your executive summary should be a concise summary of the full report, focussing on the product/service, the financial and physical viability of the business (remember you want someone to invest or loan you start-up costs).
Submitting your work:
This report will be submitted through Turnitin on Weblearn and must be uploaded no later than 3pm on Friday 13th May 2016.
Suggested Business Plan Content:
Contents (with page numbers)
1 Executive Summary
– Product/service description
– Business viability (financial and physical) & amount you need/are requesting
2 Business Overview
– Product/service description
– Company Details / Operational Capabilities / Team
– Mission Statement / Vision / Short term-Long Term Goals / Ethics / CSR
3 Market Strategy (what) / Marketing Plan (how)
– Micro/Macro Analysis (e.g. SWOT / PESTEL)
– Competitive Analysis
– Marketing Mix
4 Financial Analysis & Projections
– Cash Flow Projections
– Loan Requirement Calculations (Start Up Cost Analysis)