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Leadership Theories
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Leadership attracts significant attention from researchers in a variety of fields. Researchers have developed a variety of theories to explain the nature and practice of leadership. Of course, no one theory exists in a vacuum. Each theory draws on the work of previous researchers. Moreover, researchers routinely revise older theories based on research completed after the initial theories were developed. For instance, research on charismatic and transformational leadership draws on earlier research on trait theory. In addition, trait theorists develop new theories that address the role of situation in leadership. These new theories are a direct result of the subsequent development of situational theory. As a possible contributor to the field of leadership research, you should have an understanding of and appreciation for the breadth and depth of leadership research and the relationships among the various theories.
To prepare:
• Review this Module’s Learning Resources. Select four leadership theories for this Assignment. Search for additional peer-reviewed scholarly resources about your selected leadership theories. You should use both the articles in the Learning Resources and additional scholarly resources to develop your analysis. You must use proper paraphrasing techniques when completing your analysis. Avoid using direct quotes by paraphrasing as appropriate. Include proper APA citations..
Submit the following:
(1) Fill in the Template Below. It should only be contained in one page
Leadership Theory Taxonomy Template

Leadership Theory Name Year Introduced Author/Theorist Theory Description
Gordon Aliport
(2) A 4-page (not including cover page or references) Leadership Theory Taxonomy paper that explains in detail each theory listed in the Template above, by synthesizing multiple scholarly references and examples. Be sure to include the following in your paper:
• Five peer-reviewed scholarly resources in addition to any other from attached book
• Specific examples of two of the four theories drawn from personal experiences or scholarly literature
• Work that adheres to APA style