ketogenic diet 2


  • As a group, choose ONE fad diet to research ( ketogenic diet).
  • Do a basic search online (websites, blog posts, social media, etc) and find the following information on your diet. If there is an official website for the diet, please be sure to use that as one of your sources. You may also use a book on the diet as well.
    • Overview of the diet
    • Guidelines of diet
    • Health claims/benefits
  • After completing basic research, then go to the library and find PEER REVIEWED research articles that either support or dispute any of the claims/benefits your diet promotes.
    • Try and find at least ONE research article per group member (aim for a minimum of 3 articles per group, although more is always better!).
    • Please also reach out to the librarian for help with search tips if necessary. Her information is:
  • Discuss how the research supports or disputes the claims of the diet.

Conclusion of your paper should address if you would feel comfortable recommending this diet to a client?Why?