Journal Assignment

Read Oedipus the King on pages 1163 – 1202. Understandably, this is a long read and some of the lauguage might be difficult to understand. It is, however, one of the oldest surving Greek plays and is still seen as relevant to modern psychology. needs to be 1-2 pages, Times New Roman or Arial font of 12. MLA format, double spaced A side note: The Chorus in the play is basically a group of men who represent the townspeople/elders, but also served the purpose of narrator for the audience. You’ll notice in reading their parts that they also summarize the actions and emotions in the story to assist the audience in following the plot. So…if you’re confused – read over that the Chorus just said. Drama: Oedipus Rex Style: • Discuss the role of the chorus in the dramatic development and creation of suspense in the play. • The play embodies a pattern of figurative and literal allusions to darkness and light, blindness and vision. How does the figurative language function, and what relationship does it bear to Oedipus= self-inflicted punishment? • Analyze the use of dramatic irony in the play.