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It has been said that the police are viewed as both a curse and an evil for free society. For this week’s discussion, discuss why the police represent both an aberration and a necessity to a democratic society. Also, after watching our week’s video assignment, include in your discussion what we have learned from historical experiences with police. Students need to respond to other student postings
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Since this week’s reading assignment focuses on police jurisdiction, consider this: The Department of Homeland Security was formed, in part, to make federal law enforcement more efficient. With a less fragmented system, theoretically, the right hand knows better what the left hand is doing. If this is the case, then why not consolidate local, county and state police? In other words, in the hypothetical, why not have one police department for each state and the cities and counties would be served by precincts of that department? Discuss the pros and cons of such a system.
Join Discussion 4. This week, our chapter readings include a discussion about domestic violence. As you read your assigned chapter, realize that sometimes police are called to intervene in a violent domestic situation and sometimes force is needed to establish control. Discuss use of force specifically focus on how much force should an officer use in a domestic violence situation. How do we know when the police are using too much force?
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For our discussion this week, since we are still considering police authority and use of force, I would like to discuss the electronic control device commonly known as the Taser. Just two months ago I received an email from Taser International that their newly developed X-12 Taser less-lethal rifle is now no longer available in the U.S. No reason was given as to why.
There has been much controversy surrounding the Taser (especially the commonly used M-26 and X-26), as it is sometimes used on subjects who are merely uncooperative and not necessarily posing a threat to anyone. Is this proper does it constitute an excessive use of force? Under what circumstances should the Taser device be deployed on citizens? I am looking forward to your responses.