it s a review for my test i want direct short answers and easy way to remember like short form


1. Defenders of the argument from design.

2. Two kinds of explanation: scientific explanation and personal explanation.

3. Design arguments: William Paley & Richard Swinburne.

4. Hume’s objections against the argument from design

5. Teleological suspension of the ethical, tragic hero and knight of faith, existentialist dialectic

6. Kalām cosmological argument

7. Reformed epistemology and natural theology, Plantinga’s negative and positive solutions.

8. Pascal’s Wager

9. Hegelian triad and its application to the evolution of religions.

10. Religion, Reason and Morality

11. The Free Will Defense

12. The Ontological Argument: Anselm, Descartes, Gaunilo, Plantinga.