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IT Project Management

Research Paper– Search Execution

Action Items

Step 1: As the next step in your systematic mapping study, you will run your search queries on the following databases:

Note: If you are not able to run your search query on a particular database, then you simply need to adjust your query.

Step 2: For each database, fill out the following information


Search Query (Note that all the databases might not accept the same query and you might have to edit your query according to the database)

Publication Year Range

Date when search query was executed

Number of search results (i.e., number results returned by the query)


IEEExplore DL


Web of Science


Step 3: ACM and IEEExplore databases allow downloading the search results as a CSV file. Please download the CSV file for your search execution from ACM and IEEExplore. You will submit these two CSV files as part of this deliverable.

Step 4: Next, you will open the ACM DL CSV file as an Excel worksheet and read the first 200 paper titles in the ACL DL file. You will need to use subjective reasoning to then select those paper titles that are clearly relevant to your particular topic. You will create a new Excel file and list the papers that you select in this new file. Therefore, your new Excel file will contain only those paper titles that you deemed to be clearly relevant to your research topic. You will need to submit this new Excel file containing a list of only relevant paper titles as part of this deliverable.

Step 5: Next, choose at least four (4) paper titles from the list of relevant paper titles (created in Step 4) and download the PDF files for these paper titles from ACM DL website. You will read the paper titles and in an MS Word file, extract and provide the following information about each of the 4 papers you selected:

  • Is the paper a Journal paper, a Conference paper, or something else? If it is not Journal or Conference paper, you will need to reject this paper and select some other paper.
  • Provide the paper’s title and abstract.
  • Provide the Research Questions that the paper tried to answer.
  • In a small paragraph, summarize the main objectives (i.e. research goals) of the paper in your own words.
  • In a small paragraph, summarize the main findings or results of the paper.
  • By reading this paper, you should be able to identify some future research problems or gaps that need to be looked at in order to improve the body of research on your topic. Please list and describe at least two such research problems that you identified from the paper (Note: papers generally identify future research problems in the last section, often called the Conclusion section).
  • After reading this paper, do you think the paper is relevant to your chosen research topic? Please provide a rationale for your answer.

Putting together this deliverable:

You will be submitting the following files for this deliverable (in a single zipped folder):


An MS Word file containing the table from Step 2.


Two CSV files, one containing ACM DL results and the other containing IEEExplore results, from Step 3.


One MS Excel file containing the relevant paper titles selected from the ACM DL results (from Step 4).


PDF files for the four papers that you selected for Step 5.


An MS Word files containing the information you extracted from each of the four selected papers (see the list provided in Step 5).