is carbon trading an appropriate response to climate change why or why not 1

**Make sure you have a CLEAR argument and thesis, and argue for your thesis!!**

Essays in this class require students to demonstrate familiarity with the relevant class reading(s) and to argue for a clear thesis based on original analysis. Original analysis refers to ideas and arguments that are introduced and developed by the student, as opposed to ideas and arguments already discussed in the readings or lectures. Of these requirements, the need to demonstrate original analysis is the most important.

Note that the quality of writing also matters and that essays should lose marks for poor grammar, spelling etc. particularly when they occur in sustained fashion.


Is carbon trading an appropriate response to climate change? Why or why not?

VERY IMPORTANT: In addition to making your case, show familiarity with best arguments for opposing view. Why are they wrong?


Essays should be double-spaced, with the first sentence of each paragraph indented and the right margin left ragged.


Essays are expected to have some kind of introduction and to contain a thesis sentence somewhere near the beginning.

Word count

All essays should include a word count for the main text (i.e. not including footnotes, bibliography or the prompt text). Quotations are included in the word count.


Any of the referencing styles used in the humanities is acceptable. These include Harvard, Chicago and MLA.

Word Limit

EXACTLY 1980-2020 words. There is no penalty for going 10% over or under the word limit. Essays lose 2 marks out of 100 for every additional 10 percent they go under or over the limit.

Gender Neutral Language

Essays should avoid using “he” or “man” or “mankind” in the generic sense. Acceptable substitutes include alternating between “he” and “she” or using “they” generically. For more ways to avoid sexist language see the suggestions at Essays that consistently use sexist language will lose at least two marks.

Outside source

Occasionally assignments have a requirement that the essay make use of academic source that is not an assigned reading. For essays that have this requirement, not having such a source results in a deduction of three marks.

Essays require a bibliography. Those without one lose two marks.