investments assignment protective put strategy

use excel to answer the questions, use the attachment for the data

Assignment 4: Protective put strategy

You have purchased 100 shares of Apple Inc. stock and plan to hold them until June 2020. You set up a bottom line in the investment: you don’t want to lose more than $20 per share and you decide to use options to realize the goal.

  1. On Nov 22, 2019, you go to Nasdaq ( to look for the options that mature in June 2020. The information is in the excel file attached.
  2. What is the current stock price of Apple Inc. on Nov 22, 2019? (1 point)
  3. You decide to use the protective put strategy to achieve your goal. Briefly describe what’s protective put strategy? (1 point)
  4. Create an excel table in the format given to you to calculate the profits of protective put using each of the option available (use the last priceas the price of the option). (5 points)
  5. How will you construct your portfolio? Which option will you choose and why? (1 points)
  6. Draw the graph of the profit of your portfolio with options you selected. (2 points)