introduction to sociology 23

Theorist of Choice

The course text introduced us to a number of social theorists credited with laying the foundation of the discipline of sociology. Along with those introductions, it goes into some detail about their primary contributions to the field. Some of the theorists, mentioned in the text, who have contributed to our current view of sociology, include:

• Auguste Comte

• Emile Durkheim

• Karl Marx

• Max Webber

• Harriet Martineau

• Jane Addams

• W.E.B. Dubois

• Erving Goffman

• George Herbert Mead

• Robert Merton

From the list provided, identify one theorist whose work regarding society you found most interesting. Using the knowledge you have gained thus far in this course and what you find online (this can be an academic or non-academic source), write a 3 page paper that describes the theory or work aligned to the chosen theorist and provide three reasons why you chose this theorist.

Then, you should choose a current social issuethat is important to society today, find a news article online or some other concrete (published) evidence about it, and analyze it using at least one of the theories that your theorist of choice is responsible for contributing to the field of sociology. You should thoroughly describe how the theory would explain the problem, why it exists and then pose potential solutions. You must include a citation or url for the article or published material you use to support the social issue/newstory you are analyzing.

Technical Requirements

• The paper must be three pages in length (excluding the title and reference pages)

• It should be formatted according to APA style (feel free to consult the website as a guide)

• You must use at least two outside sources, one of which must be scholarly to support your claims.

• Cite your resources in the body of the paper and on a separate reference page.

• Double spaced

• 12 point font in Times New Roman

• No more than 1 inch margins

• Pages should be numbered