Introduction to Management (Luxottica) –

Introduction to Management (Luxottica)
Paper details:
This assessment requires you to undertake research, and convey your findings relating the academic terms and concepts to Luxottica. To achieve this, you will need to first understand the academic material, and then how these concepts apply or describe the company based on the information uncovered in your research about the company.
The important aspects here are quality of your research, quality of your written assignment, and quality of how you relate the academic concepts covered in class to the information you uncover describing the company.
Overall, the focus of this assignment is for you to analyse the external environment of your Luxottica and describe these in an informative report based the Guidelines below and the attached for the recommended word length.
You must use terms found within the study of management and you are encouraged to look up various textbooks and journals to further explore these terms and to gain additional knowledge on management in order to develop your knowledge and the quality of the assessment.
1. You are required to consult and correctly reference a MINIMUM of 10 different sources of information *must have annual report 2014 & you might want to refer a few links below*
*Please avoid using references from Wiki,wordpress,,docstock,blog*
2. You must use the APA Referencing system to acknowledge your sources of information (both in-text, and as a reference list at the end).
1.0 Introduction (Refer to my draft)
2.0 Company Background
– to include financial statistic/statement : profit,revenue,ratio etc.
– sub companies/business unit/brands/market
– competitors
3.0 Country Background (The People’s Republic of China)
4.0 Swot Analysis
– 4.1 Swot Analysis of Luxottica (Strength,weaknesses,opportunities & threats in table format)
* pick one point for each factor and further explain.
5.0 PESTAL Analysis
– 5.1 Definition of PESTAL Analysis (describe all factors & how Luxottica is affected by it)
– 5.2 Importance of conducting PESTAL Analysis
– 5.3 PESTAL Analysis of People’s Republic of China
(Political,social,technological,environmental & legal in table format)
* pick one point for each factor and further explain
6.0 Porter’s Five Forces
-6.1 Definition of Porter’s Five Forces
-6.2 Importance of conducting a Porter’s Five Forces
-6.3 Porter’s Five Forces of Luxottica in People’s Republic of China (high/low for Threat of New Entrants,bargaining power of suppliers,bargaining power of buyers,threat of substitute products & competitive Rivalry)
7.0 Recommendation (List a min of 4 strategic recommendations you believe the company could enact to avoid problems you have uncovered from the Porter’s or PESTAL analysis)
8.0 Conclusion (Provide a general conclusion of the current state of the company and its operating environment)
Take note:
1. Kindly continue from my introduction draft and you might want to amend if needed & to redo my company background.
2. Please keep the number of words short for SWOT as the no. of words is not counted in the report and it’s just for a bonus points.