international and humanitarian disaster management 1

The following assignment is to help you solidify your knowledge from this course.

Instructions: Complete 9 of the questions in the file attached (review sheet). One substantive paragraph or clear answer is enough for each question.

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COURSE DESCRIPTION: International and humanitarian disaster management has steadily evolved over decades. The increased emphasis on global disaster preparedness from both governmental and private sectors has widespread application across all borders. Through the exploration of disaster models, public health principles, economic, social and political elements, students will explore the application of the disaster cycle.

COURSE LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Through assigned readings, completion of assignments, interaction with classmates via discussion board, self-directed learning activities, and participation in chat sessions, students will be able to:

  • Utilize a variety of resources, including journal articles, government document, textbooks, and Web-based sources to better define and understand the field of international disaster and humanitarian relief.
  • Distinguish the unique differences and similarities between the provision of public health in the United States and global, international venues.
  • Identify and assess natural and man-made hazard issues related to the provision of international disaster relief and health care.
  • Apply principles of international emergency management and emergency planning processes as they pertain to global disaster relief.
  • Articulate the political, economic, and functional elements that apply during an international aid response.
  • Explore the use of military assets and in country interpretations of their use.


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