International and Comparative Human Resource Management –

International and Comparative Human Resource Management
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You are the human resource management team of a large Engineering firm. You have just been notified that your firm is about to open up an office in a new country/region New Delhi INDIA due to due a unique opportunity. You have been asked to devise an HR plan to facilitate the expansion.
Provided and prepare a report for the Board to address:
– The country/region specific factors that need to be taken into account
– The relevant factors that need attention (i.e. the HR considerations for the expansion)
– The way in which you propose to address these issues
Ensure you link your HR strategies to the nature of the business and the country/region in question
The report must be concise and straight to the point. Kindly follow the body structure of the report. Reference APA style and only use journal articles from year 2000 . This report is based on a strict research based so whatever said except for examples must all be backed up with appropriate reference. (kindly return reference materials as PDF files upon return of solution as a proof. The recommendation must be in Headings, covering all challenges mentioned in the body and come up with best strategies and practices to be adopted (back up each recommendation with reference)