interfaces for online bookstore by using java language amp netbeans application

the name of the project ” Juc Online BookStore ”

By using Java language ” interface / Swing ” with NetBeans Application

it has :

– Main page ” Home page “

– Search button ” User can search by Auther ID , Author name , Book Title , ISBN , Category ” As Drop list ”

– Cart

– Wish list

– User Profile

– More info page ” about each clicked Book ”

– Request page

– Login / Sign in page

** Make sure the header is Fixed

After the Order placed from the Cart & Request placed there’s massege for each

Button place My Order : ” Your Order is being in Proceessed Thank you for Shopping With Us ”

Button Palce my Request : ” Thank you Your request ID ### ”

All of that ” I “ will link it to Database

The image not used everywhere only in Home page

The price Every Where in ” SAR ” Suadi riyals

In the Attachments :

– zip file for Book information

– Drawing to help you to imagin the interface & have some comments

Note that : the important part in the interface is the user can enter values and can Search for values the prefection is not much nessessery as long as the user can insert & update & Search in the program :” which means Later he can do that to the database as well ”

Any thing Not clear please inform me to clarify it