Infrastructure Report –

Infrastructure Report
Paper details:
You will be required to review and discuss a project that qualifies as infrastructure, which a country is developing to improve its competitiveness from a Global Logistics perspective. This could be a project like the development or expansion of an airport, a port, roadways or bridges etc. It could also be improvements to communications or similar supporting infrastructure.
If you like you may do the assignment on an existing infrastructure item such as a cannel or port for example where you may put forward an argument for the improvement of this infrastructure, e.g. “An argument for the expansion of the Suez Cannel”; or in Canada perhaps the great lakes or the Welland Canal.
the paper should include a description of the project, a brief history, and a discussion on how this development will improve the countries infrastructure, or, in the case of a speculative improvement; how it would improve the countries infrastructure and Global Logistics competitiveness. You should comment on the benefits of the project in general and specifically what type of improvements you would expect to see in the economy longer term.