informatics43 week 10 software engineering story

The goal of this assignment is to have you apply the knowledge you learned in this course to a different context, namely, fiction writing. This is a great practice in taking classroom knowledge into different situations. In addition, this kind of writing activity has been known to help solidify long-term learning.

****Write a short story (fiction or non-fiction)****, of roughly 2-4 pages single spaced, 12-pt. font,

that embodies ****one or more software engineering concepts/phenomena taught in this class.****

(PS: The software concept that are required included in the story could be some popular idea, principle, or famous failure about software design, requirements or development. Thank you!)

The requirements of this assignment are somewhat flexible, but in order to receive a grade on this assignment, your submission must, at least:

1. Read more like an original story (not an essay or news article or blog or similar), whether fiction or non-fiction.

2. Embody one or more software engineering concepts/phenomena taught in this class. You are allowed to refer to software-failures that ‘made news’, but not simply repeat that story.

3. Be original and not plagiarized (submissions will be run through