income, wealth and inequality in the United States –

1. Describe how income and wealth and inequality have changed in the United States, analyzing and explaining which factors appear to be have most significantly driven these changes. 2. To what
extent has income and wealth inequality increased similarly in the other countries discussed in the sources below? If it has, why has it? If not, why not? 3. Much has been made of the increasing
inequality of income and wealth in the U.S. But for many people, these inequalities are more acceptable since they believe that there is equal opportunity in the U.S. Given the evidence and
analysis presented in the sources listed in this assignment, does it appear there is equality of opportunity or are those who come from wealth more likely to remain among the wealthy than those who
come from poor families? Analyze and explain why there is or is not equality of opportunity in the U.S. 4. Explain the link between educational opportunity and economic mobility. 5. This question
pertains to “Equal Opportunity, Our National Myth,” by Stiglitz and “Income Inequality and Educational Opportunity,” by Tyson. Describe and critique the reforms proposed in these articles. Do you
agree with them? Do they seem problematic? Explain. 6. Based on what we’ve studied, how close is the U.S. to your ideal society in terms of inequality? What should be done, if anything? It is fine