ikea case analysis 1

1.Based on the categories described in Chapter 8, how would you classify IKEA in terms of its response to the needs of the developing world (i.e. Exploitative, Transactional, Responsive, or Transformative MNE)?Explain your choice (40 pts).

2.In your opinion, how should IKEA address the issue of child labor?Should it leave it up to Rugmark and other NGOs to resolve the problem?Or, should it work through its suppliers? Explain your choice (60 pts).

1.DO NOT do any additional research outside of what is presented in the case.

Your analysis must be based only on information presented in the case and chapters/notes.

2.Please do not focus on the detailed financial data (balance sheets, etc., if any) presented in the case.Do not do any in depth financial analyses.

3.DO NOT simply summarize the information already provided in the case, except when using as supporting information for a point you are making.

4.Answer the case in a Word doc.The case must be turned in as a Word doc attachment in the IKEA Case Dropbox in Canvas.

5.Please number the question you are answering. You do not have to retype the question.

6.The case analysis should be approximately 300-500 words (total) excluding the title page and questions.

7.Answer all questions using complete sentences.Points will be deducted for using a bulleted/numbered list format.NO BULLETS!!!

9.The paper must be single-spaced, using a regular-sized font (e.g., Times New Roman, 12-point).