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the quality of your thesis statement, clarity, organization, the use of required course materials, the thoroughness of your response, and the strength of your arguments and explanations. 250-300 each question No wikipida source

1. To what extent did the audience, demands, and tone of the Stamp Act Congress (note: this is not the same thing as the Stamp Act) differ from that of the Declaration of Independence? Why? In your answer, briefly explain what these documents were, approximately when they occurred, and then address the question. Show your knowledge and understanding of the documents by providing specific details (you don’t need quotes) from them.

2. Imagine a conversation (just explain it, you do not need to write it as one) between Thomas Paine and James Chalmers on the subject of American independence. In explaining the conversation, be sure to state something about who they were, when and what they said, and how, specifically, they explained/defended their views.

3. Imagine a conversation (just explain it, you do not need to write it as one) between Hector St. John Crevecoeur and Belinda (or Tecumseh) on the meaning of “American.” When explaining the conversation, consider the following: did Hector St. John consider Belinda (or Tecumseh) Tecumseh “American”? How might Belinda (or Tecumseh) argue that she (he) fit within St. John’s definition? Did she/he consider themselves American? In your imaginary conversation, be sure to demonstrate knowledge of Hector St. John’s views on who an American was, as well as that of Belinda and/or Tecumseh’s views.

4. To what extent (if any) were indentured servitude and slavery the same in the British colonies in the mid-18th century? Use both Gottlieb Mittelberger and Olaudah Equiano in your response.

5. To what extent was the U.S. Constitution a document that supported the institution of slavery? Use specific information from the document to support your answer. Be thorough in your response.