i have a final project due dec 9

Hi, i have a final paper which is 2400 words. this paper is about a research Q i will post it below also, there is data I got it from the student in class you should use it for this paper. I will provide some References because i used these sources for the previous paper: you have to use the same sources (don’t use different References ) please, read all instruction carefully,

Research Hypothesis:

Take part in game to assess that participation is compelling to get benefit maximization. On premise of game we will assess that the prisoner’s dilemma richly shows when every individual seeks after their very own personal circumstance and benefits, the result is more awful than if they had both collaborated.

The research question would be as follows:

  • How can we get maximum benefit that will satisfy to both parties?
  • Is the Compromising situation is beneficial in all circumstances?

use these References for the final paper :

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