i have 3 questions to answer based on readings

Answer the following questions. The first question is based on two of the attachments. The second question is based on the article in the link. The third question is based on an attached article. There is no word restriction on this assignment. Just make sure to write a convenient and correct answers based on information from the readings.

1. Montgomery explains that communicating science to the public “demands something closer to a rewriting of scientific knowledge, adapting it to a wholly different context of presentation and audience” (277). Along with this, Montgomery helps us understand the constraints on science journalists (which apply more broadly to other contexts of science writing). However, Montgomery doesn’t provide much concrete advice on how to actually rewrite for non-expert audiences. Luckily for us, Fahnestock and Penrose & Katz do. What are the accommodation/adaptation strategies that Fahnestock and Penrose & Katz provide us and which of these seem most useful to you?

2. Continuing from Question 1, I’d like you to explain which adaptation strategies you see at use in the following text:


3. Randall Munroe, creator of the XKCD webcomic, recently published the book Thing Explainer, which is a humorous take on adapting complex scientific information. Do you see it as a useful exercise to write science using only the “ten hundred” most common words? What would Penrose & Katz say about Munroe’s text, which mostly redefines scientific jargon?