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Humanitarian Action
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Instructions: The outline has to follow a non-dialectical scheme, the struture being composed of different problematised thematical dimensions of the answer the core question (ex. «To what extent has the state’s role in worls politics been weakened?» –> 1. The challenges to the state’s classic role (A. global issues limiting the state’s efficiency B. The rise of non state actors ) 2. A contrasted result on classic state power (A. Resilience of some states B. Weakening or collapse of other states) ). In both cases, reading the outlines (the titles of the parts and subparts) must be sufficient to understand the progression and dilemmas of the answer. Each subpart and argument must be systematically illustrated empirically , i.e. refer to concrete facts, events, data. Be careful to quote the source of the data you use.
So My Core question is: Is traditional humanitarianism less harmful than new humanitarianism ?
Outline (not final version)
1. New humanitarianism : a result of a changing landscape
A. Challenges faced by traditional humanitarianism (ideas: principles of traditional humanitarianism, security challenge, rising of different actors involving humanitarian aid)
B. Emergence of or Consensus on a international legal framework (ideas : consequences of changes : development cannot be achieved without stability / peace; growing institutionalization of human rights; humanitarian emergencies viewed as a security issue)
2. New humanitarianism : instrument of power domination ?
A. The liberal peace as new paradigm of humanitarian aid (ideas : in the post cold war era, huge increase of the budget dedicated to humanitarian aid, however it is conditioned by structural adjustments [“selective aid”] : paradoxe of the very aim of humanitarianism)
B. ? Don’t know
Sources : please quote the source of the data you use. Email me : (I will send material)