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HSMB15 Week 3 Assignment
No single disaster is more indicative of the need for emergency planning than When Hurricane Katrina struck the city of New Orleans and the Gulf
Coast of the United States in 2005. The response to this natural disaster has been used as an example of poor emergency planning that led to
catastrophic mismanagement and subsequent loss of life and property.
Conduct an analysis of the Hurricane Katrina emergency plan that led to the failures to respond to this natural disaster. Use the general outline
below to conduct your case study analysis:
1-Provide a summary of the dates and facts of the Hurricane Katrina catastrophe and response-
2-Identify those responsible for creating and maintaining an emergency plan.
Analyze Preparedness Activities for Hurricane Katrina
1-Prior to Hurricane Katrina’s arrival. What entities were responsible for emergency response to a hurricane striking New Orleans and the Gulf
2-What emergency plans were in place prior to the arrival of Hurricane Katrina?
3-What training and exercises were conducted to prepare for a hurricane prior to Katrina?
4-Did the populace Know What the emergency plan was prior to the arrival of Hurricane Katrina?
III-AnaIyze Emergency Planning Lessons Learned from Katrina
1-What were the major emergency planning failures that were uncovered by Hurricane Katrina?
2-What organizational and policy factors led to the planning failures of Hurricane Katrina?
3-What lessons learned from the Katrina disaster can now be used to improve the emergency planning for other natural and man-made disasters in
the U.S-?
4-What actions have been taken by the federal government to improve emergency planning?