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Should Islamic Refugees be allowed into the United States?
Should Islamic refugees be allowed into the United States?
Following his inauguration, President Trump has given an executive order that suspends the entry of Syrian refugees to the country (Gomez, 2017). The article by Gomez (2017) offers a perspective
the Trump administration has on the issue of Islamic refugees and counterterrorism. The choice for the research follows this directive and the increased concerns among the people and media on the
issue of Islamic refugees in the last decade. Investigators have found that Islamic extremists are determined to infiltrate the West by disguising as refugees (Homeland Security Committee, 2015).
The ideology is supported by the series of terror attacks that have been witnessed in European countries in the recent past. The report by the Homeland Security Committee (2015) provides the
existing accounts on issues relating to Islam refugees in the US and Europe. From this perspective, the research will address the following subtopics:
• The impact of Islamic refugees to the West
• The contribution of the US to the Islamic refugee crisis
• Existing efforts to compact the refugee crisis
The USA has a proud tradition of facilitating and settling refugees. Consequently, it is awkward that the government has been partial in the settlement of Islamic refugees. Reviews suggest that the
country might be lacking the information needed to effectively screen Islamic refugees (Homeland Security Committee, 2015). The perspective raises the issue of what could be the problem with
Islamic refugees that has made it difficult for the government to incorporate them in the US. Additionally, the increased discrimination and victimization of Muslims as terror activists in the US
has had an impact on the acceptance of Islamic refugees. Following this ideology, the following are the proposed research questions:
1. What are the factors creating barriers to the screening of Islamic refugees?
2. What are the security threats associated with the Islamic refugees?
3. What are the factors that limit the incorporation of Islamic refugees in the community?
4. What is the most appropriate remedy that has been proposed for the situation?
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Homeland Security Committee. (2015). SYRIAN REFUGEE FLOWS SECURITY RISKS AND COUNTERTERRORISM CHALLENGES: Preliminary Findings of a House Homeland Security Committee Review. Homeland Security