hrm460 organizational management

2 questions:

Question 1:

Many organizations have experienced challenges. Not all organizations can rise to success without experiencing times of hardship, struggle, etc. Examine the list provided by Brown & Joseph, LLC (2018) regarding corporate turnaround examples. Then, provide the following information:

Initial Post:

  1. Details about the organization selected (i.e., mission, vision, values, etc.).
  2. Information regarding the hardship faced by the organization.

Response to Peers

Please provide a brief explanation of what approaches you would recommend to address the hardship faced by the organization, as laid out by your classmates. Be creative, and if you are aware of what the organization attempted, you can include that information as well.

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Question 2:

Throughout Module 8, we have explored details regarding the future of OD. Based upon your research and thoughts, explain the following:

  1. How do you believe OD will be impacted in the future?
  2. What do you think HR’s role in the OD process will be?
  3. How will OD impact your organization? Your industry?