how has advanced technology helped create a safer work environment for people who work in construction 1

Please complete deliverable 4B. Final Written Document

Please write up an abstract of the background of wearable technology in construction and how the technology can help improve the safety of workers in the construction industry (apple watches, fit bits, apps that track bodily functions, etc..) up to 300 words.

Project Description:

A comprehensive literature review

Significance of the issue, problem, focus, or context. (Why is new technology important in the construction industry, and how can it impact the future of how we work?)

Intellectual merit: provide a contect for the work being proposed (e.g., how is your research/inquiry related to literature and activities conducted by others?)

Problem definition and research questions


Research design and approach:

Describe the research methodology (qualitative, quantitative, mixed,

Provide relevant details ( samples, procedures, productions, protocols, experiments, observation, information, and data collection, surveys, practice, etc..)

Expected outcome and impact of the study:

Describe the expected outcome of the research project

Explain how the project’s outcome would add to the knowledge base, methodological development, and or practical implication.

List of references: academic journal articles, conference proceedings, white papers, industry articles, books, etc