how child sexual abuse negatively influence normative biopsychosocial development of children in east asian immigrant families in the u s and the protective factor to insulate children from sexual abuse

Using course materials (e.g., Hutchison, required readings, theories) and at least 5 other sources (empirical peer-reviewed articles), and neuroscience material (modules).


  • How child sexual abuse negatively influences normative biopsychosocial development of children in east Asian immigrant families in the U.S. (2.5pgs)
    • Argument: Child sexual abuse undermines the normative development of children in biologic, psychologic and social sphere.
      • Bio
        • Harmful on brain development and sexual organ development
      • Psych
        • ?
      • Social
        • ?
  • How positive parent-child relationship as a protective factor insulates individuals from negative outcomes of child sexual abuse. (1.5pg) ( Section contains research and course materials (e.g., Saleebey, LCP) for support.)
  • Discussing how system problems (e.g., governments, agencies, etc.) represent failures to protect fundamental human rights of children in terms of child sexual abuse. (1pg) ( Uses sources from Week #10.)