hm541 package tourism and customer loyalties

A portion of the Week 2 reading is dedicated to Package Tourism and Customer Loyalties. For this assignment, students will research various package offerings that would appeal to the following traveler types:

1. Single Traveler

2. Childless Couple

3. Couple with one young child

4. Couple with teenagers

5. Retired couple

Create a 4-6 page APA formatted paper which addresses the following:

1. Locate a travel/tourism package that would appeal to each type of traveler listed above.

2. Discuss reasons why each package would appropriately fit the individual traveler types.

3. Which package provides the most comprehensive pre-purchase information.

4. Next, closely analyze one package. Suggest one additional service that would further entice the traveler to book the package.

5. Last, make a suggestion on how one of the travel/tourism packages could be better marketed or communicated in efforts to entice additional bookings.

6. Remember to apply APA formatting elements including: title page, introductory paragraph, headings (separate each new topic within your paper), in-text citations, concluding paragraph, APA formatted reference page.