history of rock music discussion board

Ssubmit a 150 word minimum post that addresses only one of the topics listed below:

• How did the music industry transform its structure in the 1980s? How did it change the way it promoted artists and their music? How did MTV revolutionize the marketing of popular music? In what ways did TRL and MTV use cross-media marketing (synergy) to promote musical artists and consumer products?

• In relation to Madonna’s artistry, what are some of the notions that define her popular feminism, her self-reinvention, and her embracing of contradiction? What is the social significance of Madonna? What were some of the ways that she generated controversy through her work?

• What musical elements distinguished East Coast rap groups like Public Enemy from West Coast gangsta rappers like N.W.A.? Contrast the racial politics of the two groups, and the content of their lyrics. How does the work of Queen Latifah provide an alternative to the narrative of gangsta rap?