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history of modern architceture
Paper details:
the research its in this building: De La Warr Pavilion is a Grade One listed building, located on the seafront at Bexhill on Sea, East Sussex, on the south coast of England
introductory paragraph (with thesis sentence) and outline (due at the beginning of class on Thursday, 8 October): This will address the questions 1) how
did this designer understand or define “modernism”? and 2) how can we see that in this example? It will consist of:
a) a paragraph that introduces the concept of “modern” in relation to the designer and the building or interior.
b) a thesis sentence (at the end of the introductory paragraph) that will clearly identify 2 or 3 points that demonstrate his/her understanding or definition of “modern” in the built form. (The rest of the paper will discuss or prove the assertions made in the thesis sentences.) The topics ID’d in the thesis and their order will provide a road-map of sorts for the rest of the paper.
c) an outline that will provide a format for the rest of the paper.
Your work will be evaluated for the structure and clarity of the introductory paragraph, the logical development of argument and thoroughness of the outline.
notes: i) for a paper of this length, you should discuss the background of the architect, the patron or the commission ONLY on an “as needed” basis; focus on constructing your argument.