history discussion questions part 2

Question 1- Think for a moment about the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination process. When the Senate agreed to delay the final confirmation vote and wait for the FBI to complete a full investigation of the charges against Judge Kavanaugh, were they (1) taking the “high road” and acting like the Board of Directors described in the reading or, (2) was this merely a case of the leadership succumbing to public pressure, or was it (3) some combination of both?

Question 2- In this week’s reading, the author says that the Founders “created a circumscribed presidency, not a dominant institution…” How does that compare with the office today that is often described as “the most powerful person in the world”? Do you think that the office of the president now has too much power or is it commensurate with the state of the modern world?

Directions- Answer the questions using a few sentences and answer completely.