history 12 analysis essay

Provide an analysis of the Cold War from 1946-91 explaining briefly how its main protagonists, the U.S. and Soviet Union, former allies in World War 2, became opponents as postwar superpowers, including an explanation of the key terms: Iron Curtain, Containment, Marshall Plan, NATO, McCarthyism, and Arms Race. Do not be superficial in your descriptions- include Cause/Effects of the key terms.

Then select and discuss a specific U.S. foreign policy situation, one from each decade of the 1960’s, ‘70s, ‘80s, explaining for each policy the Cold War context, which president(s) established and/or promoted it, purpose, application and result of that policy at the time. What major factors contributed to the collapse of Communist states by 1991 and to what extent you believe the U.S. containment policies contributed to the collapse of Soviet Communism by 1991? Why