hist221 discussion on material from readings of week 2 do this required forum first

Using the lessons and the first chapter of our textbook reading….pick ONE of the two options and expand. Remember, that your initial answer should be AT LEAST300 words and reply back to two students. Yes, you can (and should) reply back to anyone who weighs in on your initial post. These replies must be at least 200 words to be counted as a reply.


Describe the systems of slavery that has existed in Africa since Ancient times and how is the slavery system used by Africans and Arabs different from the New World slave systems developed under the Spanish, Dutch, French, and English ? Feel free to also discuss the painful history of the Middle Passage as that connects the two. If you go into great specifics on the Middle Passage then some of the other aspects may be shortened.

Sources- Excluding the use of encyclopedias and Wikipedia for this and all forums-look to your textbook, lessons and APUS library resources for help. If you use a website you need to add what website by full format including author, title of webpage and link to site.

In your answer make sure you discuss the ways in which slaves were obtained for sale, the treatment of slaves in each form of enslavement, the roles and duties of slaves in each area and if the slaves could gain their freedom. Also in previous American History courses the books only accounts the English slavery that began in the 1600s but slavery was in the New World since Columbus in 1490s. This class will discuss slavery from Africa in the New World since the 1490s. Slaves were in South Carolina and Florida since the 1520s…


How did slavery in Northern colonies differ from the enslavement of Africans in the Southern colonies? (SEE THE FOLLOWING REMINDERS!)


  • To be specific on the duties, treatment, population and economic need found in each region. This is NOT the United States so specify the European influences of the era.
  • Also focus on each regions beliefs and views about African Americans and slavery; additionally, reflect upon how Native Americans impacted the regions, the era and labor.
  • Stick with the COLONIAL period do not stray into later periods of the textbook….be sure to incorporate the first versions of slavery, which included indentured servitude.

Consults the material in the readings for your evidence.