help with this 15

Look over the Handout of Information you were provided. Use Samantha’s information to answer these questions.

  • Do you think that Samantha’s diet is sufficient enough to satisfy her appetite?
  • Suggest FOUR changes in her diet (focus on food groups, nutrients, and other specific categories)
  • Explain how she can make each change (i.e., decrease X, increase Y, etc. and by eating specifically which types of foods – please give examples
  • What will happen if she stays on the current path and doesn’t make the particular change you suggest?

be specific. Do not just say food X has more nutrients – explain which nutrients exactly (in other words, for example, type of carb, type of fat, type of vitamins and/or minerals, etc., etc.). Explain the health effects of each change as you discuss, do not list overall health benefits in a sentence at the end of the suggested three changes.

Remember to use food examples and explain changes rather than saying “she needs to eat healthier, eat better, watch his weight,” etc.).you can even list each change with perhaps a couple of sentences indicating how she’ll make the change and what will happen if she doesn’t make that change (i.e. how is each change going to improve her health specifically)